The True Value of Rapport within Organisations

If you were challenged by your manager on what you really thought about a business issue would you have the confidence to state how you feel completely and share your version of the truth? Would you be worried it could make you look negative or weak? Or may be leave you feeling exposed?

Workplaces across the UK are filled with teams of people who believe it may be better if they don’t say what they really think or believe. They’re concerned it will reflect badly on them or their manager won’t like the truth – so it’s better to not to say anything.

Other people will go through their working lives making things difficult for themselves. Instead of listening to their team or colleagues, understanding where they are coming from and making them feel valued. They’ll try to force their opinions; hoping people will change their thinking or do what they believe is required.

Very quickly an organisation can shift from one with high morale to one where people believe nothing will change or it is pointless trying to change. Team members only view business issues or problems from their own perspective and there is no cohesive effort to pull in one direction, deal with challenges collectively and change organisations for the better.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. If a team has rapport then it will start to value differing opinions, options will be shared and explored and hopefully it leads to a better solution which everyone supports. By asking questions and accepting the answers and feedback they’re given, managers handle on the reality of situations will be stronger.

The Rapport™ Employee Engagement Workshop encourages organisations to get a full understanding of the reality and the facts as their people see it. It’s like planning the household budget. If you know accurately what’s coming in and what’s going out you can plan better – you have control over your finances and you’ve stopped burying your head. The reality of business challenges are the same. As we share our points of view we can grow and develop ourselves and our team members. Through having better communication with your team better solutions can be achieved.

To find out how Rapport™ Employee Engagement Workshop can help you build better rapport with your people and achieve your organisation’s goals then contact:

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