Coaching is NOT Counseling, Mentoring or Teaching.

Coaching is about inspiring people to set powerful goals. To motivate, challenge and support them to achieve whatever it is that they want to achieve, successfully and quicker than if, they acted alone.

Coaching helps people to move forward and achieve clarity about what they want in life. It enables them to work through issues that have held them back from enjoying the life they really want and deserve.

Personal or one to one coaching is defined by a designed alliance agreement between you and your coach. It is based on your own personal expressed interests, goals and objectives, aligned to your personal values and beliefs.

Using techniques such as inquiry, reflection, requests and discussion your coach will help you to identify your personal, business or relationship goals and enable you to develop strategies and action plans that work for you and will help you to achieve those goals.

Your coach will also provide space and support whilst helping you to move towards achieving your goals  by monitoring progress of your agreed action plans. Your coach will gently challenge you and hold you accountable  for your actions. Together you will evolve and modify the action plan to best suit your needs and circumstances.

Your coach can often act as a sounding board or human mirror by sharing a different and unbiased perspective and may teach specific insights and skills to empower you toward achieving your goals.

However you are responsible for your own achievements and success. You are the one who has to take action, therefore, your coach cannot and does not promise that you will take any specific action or attain specific goals.

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