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January 25, 2012 - Case Studies - Post by: ISSL - Comments Off on Mycroft Talisen Ltd

The Motivation: Communication and rapport building are crucial across all industries and at all levels, and to ensure that as a company we understand each other and our work processes are as productive as possible is crucial. If we can develop our internal communication and understanding, this will carry through to how we work with clients, and the impression we make on them.
The workshop offered a chance to build clarity and confidence in our individual and team development, and set action points to create tangible targets for the company to strive towards.

The Workshop: There was some trepidation from the team before the workshop, but Michael and Imelda put us at ease from the start. It was clear they had a clear structure for the day, but would be flexible to our needs and take time to address any issues we may have. The relaxed atmosphere was highly conducive to worthwhile, productive discussions.
Everyone who attended had a chance, and felt comfortable in participating during the workshop. This was, for me, of utmost important as I hoped to get a sense of the entire team’s feelings and suggestions, rather than those of just a vocal few.
Michael and Imelda are both incredibly personable. Their presentation and delivery was exemplary and the thought process behind the workshop is a stroke of genius.

The Results: It is safe to say the workshop was a resounding success, and had far more outcomes than I ever expected. We have developed a clear idea of where we are all headed within the business, and how we can drive the company to greater success. We are able to assess the effectiveness of our current working conditions and communication channels – and have made practical changes which suit the entire team.
We all have a better understanding of how we like to work on a day-to-day basis. We will have to continue to examine our style of working and implement changes to suit varying working conditions.
Overall, as a team we are more considerate and, in turn, productive; and there is a new dynamic and stimulating atmosphere throughout the office.

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