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January 25, 2012 - Case Studies - Post by: ISSL - Comments Off on Lancashire Business View

The Motivation: Lancashire Business View’s reputation as a magazine and a brand has progressed impressively in recent years, and while the team continue to work effectively, developing responsibilities and increasing workloads are bound to result in additional pressures. We wanted to analyse ourselves to identify if we had any room for improvement in our processes and the way we worked together. Communication is of paramount importance for the advertising and editorial team when working with external organisations, but to successfully communicate externally, our internal communications have to be effective.
The Workshop: Michael and Imelda have clearly thought long and hard about the concept for the workshop, and what the impact on organisations and individual team members could be. The focus on rapport was well-accepted by my colleagues, as it does play a pivotal role in building productive working relationships. It was good not to be lectured to, and the movement around the room added an additional dimension to a thought-provoking day.

The Results: By the end of the session we had a whole host of action points to create more fluid and valuable working practices. We were able to understand how we could utilise the rapport we have with each other in a way that would be of benefit to the business as a whole. We were also able to identify those situations where communication could become strained and how best to counteract that.
Our business is constantly developing and changing, and for that reason we will have to continually assess the implementations we make are still working for everyone involved. We are structuring weekly meetings to ensure that people can voice their concerns and ideas for improvements in a relaxed atmosphere.
To have the opportunity to reflect on how cooperative we are as individuals in the workplace, and to share our personal and business aspirations was invaluable. We have developed shared goals and targets, giving the company a clear path for future development.

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