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Objectives: To design and deliver a staff-training programme to reward staff for their hard work and dedication that was both fun and constructive. Enhance communication skills within the team.

Project: Community & Business Partners CIC is a well-established company that takes nothing more seriously than the welfare and value of its staff. The senior management recognises that the reputation for high quality, value for money and consistent professionalism is wholly reliant on our team, their motivation and dedication. We have always believed in investing in our most valuable asset – our people – and as such, are all too aware of the huge benefits that a good trainer or coach can bring and – regrettably – what a waste of time and money a not so good one is.

When we choose our staff training, we do so collectively, expecting the very highest quality and are not, by any stretch of the imagination, an easy customer to have. On the contrary, as all our team members have very high standards of their own role with the workplace, they rightly so, expect any of our suppliers to have the same exacting standards.

Over the years we have experienced training at every level from the basic skills training – to the highest professional leadership advancement – and everything in-between, so it is with great pleasure that we are happy to give Imelda a glowing reference for the team training and 1-2-1 coaching that IMS Coaching Ltd has provided for us.

For the staff away day, we wanted a team-building workshop that was both fun and constructive and together with Imelda decided on a theme of “Effective Communication” to enhance communication skills within the team and further develop relationships.

Imelda designed and delivered a bespoke package to cover all of our recognised issues in a fun and productive way! She is a very enthusiastic trainer, who inspires and motivates those around her. She is extremely good at connecting with each team member in a way that seemed effortless. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned many new and effective techniques to take back to the office. As a result, the atmosphere in the office and our communication skills on all levels has been more effective! The overall feedback from the team was excellent workshop, excellent presenter!

On a more personal level, Imelda has delivered 1-2-1 coaching to me and one other team member, again with extremely good results. I feel these matters are so much more personal and need a very experienced, knowledgeable approach to even begin to have influence or impact. Again, happily I can confirm that so far in all the areas Imelda has covered, there has been a marked improvement and a very positive outcome.
In summary, if you value your people and your company, good training and coaching is essential. Imelda at IMS Coaching Ltd is a brilliant choice to make for high quality and great results.

Amanda Meachin CEO – Community and Business Partners

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