What is coaching?

Coaching is about inspiring people to set powerful goals. To motivate, challenge and support them, to achieve whatever it is that they want to achieve, successfully and quicker than if, they acted alone. – IMS Coaching Ltd

Coaching is a forward moving, positive process, designed to empower people to achieve success. It enables people to gain clarity about what they really want in life and helps them to work through issues that have held them back from enjoying the life they really want and deserve.

IMS Coaching provides support to enable an individual to recognise ways in which they can improve their effectiveness and performance by initially understanding their motivation, values and beliefs.

By discovering what their motivational indicators are or what drives them i.e. the reasons behind their actions or inaction, we can understand the Why, why a person does what they do, makes the choices they make and why they follow certain behavioural patterns repeatedly and how that is influenced by their values and beliefs systems.

Below are a few Testimonials from our happy clients:

“…In our coaching relationship, Imelda showed me a lot of integrity and honesty. It was for this reason I was able to follow an enhanced path of personal development…”

H. Patel

“Doing the course with Imelda has given me confidence in myself again. I feel in control of my life and the decisions I make…”

D. Thomas

“I cannot express in words what this course has done for me; Imelda has a very special gift in empowering people… simply life changing!”

A. Regan

“Coaching has enabled me to take control of the solutions to the challenges I faced….”

T. Idris

“Coaching has taught me how to solve problems in a way that I would not have thought of previously….”

D. Gee

“Coaching has brought about huge changes in my personal and profession life…”

A. Smithson

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