Carlisle City Council (Local Environment)

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The Motivation: Government cuts in funding and re-structuring in the department had significant impact on morale in the team. Enthusiasm and relationships were on a downward trend and needed a positive intervention. Lower productivity, grievances and stress, were resulting in higher sickness levels and talented staff looking to move on from the Local Environment department. I knew we had to address these issues quickly, and in a constructive and meaningful way.

The Workshop: We encouraged managers from various teams in the department to attend the workshop as, having spoken to Michael, the workshop was completely unique and had the potential to completely reinvigorate our employees.
The session was a completely different approach and style to the training and personal development days the team had previously attended. Using visual aids to bolster certain themes made the more complex aspects easy to get to grips with, and easier to remember following the workshop.
Michael’s personality and presentation managed to put the attendees at ease and created an open and honest atmosphere; exactly what was needed for the workshop to be productive. Rather than someone lecturing to them, Michael was able to engage them in conversation with each other, and drill to the root of certain issues. It really is all about rapport.

The Results

Almost instantly, I think the whole management team felt less powerless. They were able to go back to their respective teams and identify where communication lines had broken down and how best to manage certain relationships to get the best out of their team. The managers altered their approach to working with people and also garnered a new found respect from team members for their manager, as embedding respect and honesty in all communication builds rapport automatically.
This more positive and empowering atmosphere created an environment where a free exchange of ideas could take place – with tangible results such as withdrawn redundancy requests and a plethora of new suggestions for improvements.
Within the management team and throughout the department there has been a dramatic improvement. No new grievances have been raised by employees, and we have gone from up to 20 customer complaints a month to zero in the past three months. We will continue to relate back to the workshop and apply further changes as and when necessary.

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