Welcome to IMS Coaching Ltd a specialist coaching practice that enables and supports individuals and teams to confidently improve performance and maximise their true potential.

Using tried and tested NLP and Coaching techniques, IMS Coaching Ltd gets to the heart of what is really going on for you, by asking the right questions at the right time.

We empower you to be creative and uncover what really motivates you, then enable you to align your goals to your personal values and beliefs so that you can find exactly the right solutions for you and facilitate change quickly and effectively!

Motivation and Confidence are paramount to personal change, growth and success. Unless you are motivated to change and have the self-confidence and self-belief to do so, you won’t.

No matter how many hours you spend discussing new ways of working, new attitudes, developing new improved behaviours etc unless your heart is in it and you have a reason that is congruent with your values and beliefs, any change will just be temporary and a total waste of time and investment.

At IMS Coaching, we specialise in confidence building and motivation, ensuring that all our clients enjoy their success in a way that is important to them and fulfils their personal values as well as any company objectives that may have been set.

If you feel that there is more to life and more to you than you are currently experiencing and you want to:

  • Believe in yourself and your ability to achieve whatever you want
  • Find your perfect work/life balance.
  • Uncover your true potential and create your own destiny.
  • Unlock the Confidence from within
  • Improve your communication skills at home and at work and feel more confident to move forward with your life.

Then email or call now for a free consultation and see if IMS Coaching is right for you!

At IMS Coaching we offer:

  • Specialism in confidence building and motivation techniques, to empower and support individuals dealing with change.
  • To act as a sounding board for a Senior Manager, when introducing changes into the work environment.Support change within an organisation.
  • Support for a new member of staff or a recently promoted employee. Enabling individuals to increase confidence in a new role to achieve the required competency levels more efficiently and effectively
  • To enable individuals to increase performance levels and meet the Key Performance Indicators.
  • Support for an individual who has non-work related issues, which may be affecting his/her, performance.
  • To improve communication.
  • To enable a newly formed team to work together quickly and effectively

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